Since 2001 CTC Creative has produced digital media for a wide gamut of clientele in the New York metro area. Our specialty is capturing aerial media from helicopters - be it still or moving images. Team CTC consists of photographers, videographers, producers, editors and retouchers. We make large-scale productions with medium-scale budgets, delivering exceptional media assets to our client’s specifications.

C. Taylor Crothers

Born in 1971, Rising Sun, MD. Crothers graduated Washington & Lee University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1993.

Crothers moved to New York City in 1995, where he worked as a music, advertising, and documentary photographer. After founding CTC Creative, Crothers quickly established himself as a go-to shooter in the entertainment industry. Initially known for his talent in live performance photography, Crothers expanded his reputation photographing album covers, magazine features, and publicity. 

In 1999, his desire to diversify his photographic skill set led him to start photographing architectural and aerial photography. Enjoying the challenge of this new direction, he built a brand new client base and developed his own style of Architectural and Real Estate photography. Crothers is a seasoned architectural shooter, working closely with many companies across the United States.


James Hooker

Born and bred in Brighton, England, James caught the travel photography bug from his family; his Mother’s images from South America in the ‘80s and his Grandfather’s vast archive from India and the Middle East in the ‘50s. His travels have taken him through South and Central America, India and Europe. He worked with pro-democracy groups in Thailand after the Saffron Revolution of 2007 in Myanmar, returning to the UK to study Photojournalism at the University of the Arts, London and graduating with First Class Honors in 2011. James has been in NYC since, working in the travel/hospitality media industry as a freelance architectural and interior spaces photographer. James joined CTC Creative in April 2016.

Adam Kane Macchia

Macchia, born in 1979, grew up in Mt. Kisco, NY. He graduated from Northeastern University in 2002 with a degree in philosophy. In 2008, Adam graduated from the Hallmark Institute of Photography. His passion for photography began in High School, led by Barbara Korein and Ruddy Havill, two great teachers who fostered creativity. 

It continued through traveling in Central and South America culminating in a documentary film about workers and their relationship to the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Later, through working with C. Taylor Crothers, Adam continued a love for images of cities by exploring the landscape of New York. And with the addition of photographing beautifully designed interiors, Adam feels he has discovered the sweet spot for his photographic eye.

Franklin Abreu

Franklin Abreu was born and raised in Washington Heights, NYC. In his 1st year at New York City College of Technology, his passion for photography began to blossom. He continued to teach himself the ins and outs of photography with street, portraiture, and freelancing.

Before joining CTC Creative in October 2018, Franklin worked in the publishing industry, applying his knowledge of layout, color, and print production. Now continuing his photographic journey, he broadens his photographic and retouching skills with every new assignment.



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